HOFOGI provides a platform for counselling, mentorship and empowerment of margenalized young girls and women in Nyanza-Region who dropped out of school due to early pregnancy or contracting HIV/AIDS among other hardships. We work in conjunction with the Kisumu social services to identify and give support through education-sponsorship training and group counselling.

Our Mission

We Offer


Depending on interests and abilities, training programs are available in the following areas:

  • Tailoring and design
  • Artwork
  • Utility
  • Beadwork
  • Basketry

Our training programs are supplemented with:

  • Basic principles of economics, which are essential for starting small business.
  • Educational workshops to create awareness on issues such as personality development, hygiene, sexual health, HIV / AIDS.

The training takes 8 months, followed by 6-months of internship. Selected candidates will then take a certification to complete their pursued training programs

Our Focus for 2019-2020

  • Recruiting suitable teachers and trainers as well as required employees responsible for administration, operations and management
  • Setting up and implementing local organizational structures
  • Initiating the first pilot training program for tailoring with a certificate of completion
  • Partnership with Kisumu Training Certification Body KNEC for Examination Acceptance / Final Certification
  • Official registration of Hope for Girl as CBO (Community Based Organization) by the Department of Social Development in Kenya
  • Building partnerships and collaborations with other local relief agencies to leverage synergies and foster collaboration.
  • Fundraising for ongoing operations and development. Both in Kenya and in Switzerland.
  • Start execution of the 2. Tailoring Training program which will complete with a certificate upon completion
  • Establish on-site businesses and entrepreneurships to cater for operating costs

Current Project Status

This year Hofogi will not be recruting new girls. Instead we will be doing a follow up of the girls and women we trained in 2018/2019.

Our goal and fucus in 2020 will be:

1. Production,Sales and marketing of our Products.

2.With the motto NO AID BUT TRADE we are going to give all the women and girls we have trained a platform to put their skills to work and earn a living from it. Through income generating activities and Services (Catering,Housekeeping,Laundry)

3.Continue with our mentoring and Reachout programes in collaboration with other Organisations/CBO from the region and International.

4.Finding Volountiers with different qualifications and skills localy and internationaly to help in(marketing,interpreneur mentorship,kickstart small scale farming,counceling,workshops,fundraising and networking)

5.Activate Small scale farming on our piece of Land for use & selling.

All funds raised this year will be put in:
-Capital funding for production
-Team salaries
-Rent for Center
-Reachout programmes and activities.

Our role and impact against COVID-19.

In this COVID-YEAR we could not do much since we were doing a follow-up of our participants and report from our pilot program. However, we tried our best to be part of, or to help, where we could with our skills and resources. 

Our first steps were to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, which needed masks. Our team in Kisumu lead by Teacher-Rose, managed to produce up to 300 masks that were distributed to children homes in Kisumu hospitals and to the corona risk group. See fotos below: 


Since January 2018 we have rented premises in Rabuor next to Twenyo Hardware, 8 km from Kisumu Town to start our training-programs and administrative activities Our competence center "Hope for Girls" was officially opened on January 22, 2018, when we also made our first recruitment. A total of 11 girls were selected to take part in our first 8-month pilot-program with a tailoring certificate uplon completion. We visited each of the girls in their homes to get a clear picture of their background as well as current life situation. On 05.02.20118, the eleven selected girls and young women started the training program.


Relocation to Migori


After our three year project pilot in Kisumu we were able to reach out to 235 women and girls who benefited from our different outreach workshops and training programs. Out of this number 23 girls were part of our 8 month intensive training program that took place from 2018 to 2019 at our center in Rabuor Kisumu. This was made possible with the help and support of different people and volunteers who supported us with funds or via training our participants onsite. This project pilot helped us to identify which region hofogi's objectives would be more impactful.

Meet Veronicah, she is doing the finishing touches of the setup in Migori. Painting the Logo and wall advertisement as part of her contribution to Hofogi. Putting her Talent to test with confidence.

Hofogi Fashion House is slowly being welcomed by the Women from Migori Town.