Our Vision

A way out of poverty and lack of opportunities

Discrimination, violence, exploitation, exclusion. Early pregnancies, early school leaving, prostitution, HIV / AIDS. No access to education, self-determination and financial independence. In Kenya this is a bitter reality for many girls and young women. With the establishment of a competence center in the Kisumu region (Kenya), we are working with our association Hope for Girls - HOFOGI to break through this poverty spiral. Targeted training and support measures will empower local girls and young women in their self-reliance and personal responsibility with the aim of sustainably and positively improving their lives

Our Mission


Imparting Knowledge, Work & Life Skills

Depending on interests and abilities, training programs are available in the following areas:

  • Tailoring and design
  • Artwork
  • Utility
  • Beadwork
  • Basketry
Trainingplan 2019

Our training programs are supplemented with:

  • Basic principles of economics, which are essential for starting small business.
  • Educational workshops to create awareness on issues such as personality development, hygiene, sexual health, HIV / AIDS.

The training takes 8 months, followed by 6-months of internship. Selected candidates will then take a certification to complete their pursued training programs.

Promoting Solidarity Through Art and Culture

Mutual respect and teamwork are key elements to our success. Stengthening our core values with solidarity puts us on the right path to fully make use of our competence in implementaing our visions.


Incorporating Art and Culture into our training programs not only illuminates creativity, wellbeing, self-worth but also serves as a  peaceful and fun process our young girls and women to come to terms with their realities.

Entrepreneuership, Producing and Selling Merchandise

We are commited to strengthen our ability for self-reliance and sustainability through income generating activities. We use the skills acquired from our training-programs to produce and sell merchendise such us;

  • Liquid soap detergent
  • flower pots
  • African pillow cases
  • Menu covers made from African fabric
  • Making pots

Selling Merchandise